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Yelling at the Rain.

Photo credit: Marni Alisha -

"Peaceful candlelight vigil held in Pensacola to honor George Floyd and Tymar Crawford"

I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately, and about the unrest that comes with it.

Societies and governments and ways of being human in this world have evolved and changed since the dawn of time. Generations move into the places of power that they inherit from those who came before, and they ask questions. Who are we? Where are we going? How will we get there? Who will come with us? There have been blocks of time in history where change has happened slowly -almost imperceptibly. The questions asked become smaller. Change seems to stall, and people start to believe that this is the Way Things Are.

But then there are the visionaries. The ones who know that the narrative of complacency isn’t real. They are the leaders of change. And historically, these change-makers haven’t been greeted warmly. They’re seen as instigators and trouble makers. They cause unrest and they disrupt equilibrium. They lift the tarps off our cardboard houses, and the people get angry at the rain. They don’t see that they’d built their walls out of material that would have never protected them in the first place. Not in the long run.

We’re living in a time of change. We have the ability to work together and build a world that is stronger and that makes the most out of all of the many resources we have.

Or we can continue living in our soggy cardboard houses, yelling about the rain.

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